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Re Ring search

Hi, Leslie,

If I’m understanding what you’re describing, it sounds an awful lot
like PMC to me–especially the whiteness. You might want to try
posting to a PMC list (maybe the Guild knows of or has one), or maybe
one of the PMC Orchidians makes something like this. (Or, if you
search for PMC + the town in Greece, you might find the original

If I were making a ring like that (I don’t make rings, usually), I
would probably form it out of a softened “branch” (a twig, I assume),
using a mandrel that is adjusted for PMC shrinkage, paint it with 10
layers of PMC3 slip, and sinter it (using something like Hattie’s
Patties too be sure it didn’t shrink too much). The natural material
burns out and the piece is slightly hollow. If you throw it in a
tumbler with steel shot, it will work-harden some (as much as fine
silver can) and the deep texture areas will remain white, while the
high parts will be burnished.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments
Benicia, CA