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: Re: Polishing Part II References:

    Okay, Gang, I have improved my polishing technique to where
    I am spending more time at the wheel than crawling around my
    studio looking for UFOs.  Now, here is the second part to my
Good for you! But if you still need some kind of contraption

that is cheap and convenient, use a cardboard box. Tape it onto
your polishing bench, cut a hole at the side to stick in your vac
nozzle and suck away. I had used this kinda setup when I was
fresh into the business. Cheap and good!

   Most of my pieces have brass wire or pieces of brass sheet
    soldered onto them.  My polishing problem is not being able
    to buff close enough to the brass embellishments.  I usually
    end up with a cloudy line "shadowing" the brass pieces.
    What can I do to get a bright & shiny piece without these


Try sandpapering the acute corners with either a rolled or
flywheel sandpaper. use #320 or higher number. Tumbling before
buffing helps ease your work. sandpapered parts gives better
lustre after polishing. Remember, pressing hard against the buffing
wheel does not mean that you can get a better shine or that you
can buff close enough. Hold and press your piece
against the buffing wheel with just the right pressure so that the
cloth is brushing full front against your piece.

Joseph Chin.