Re; Outdoor soldering and casting

Do any of you think there would there be any complications keeping
an acetylene torch outdoors?? Is the process of working with it
much different than working with propane?? 

Alaina, I’ll quote myself again:

I bought a big plastic garbage can with one of those "lock" tops
(so the wind could never blow it off), put a few bricks in the
bottom, and set my acetylene tank & hoses in there. 

My acetylene torch has sat there, 24/7, for five years. I haven’t
noticed any problems. I like working with air/acetylene because of
the hotter flame (than propane), and its hose-and-handle are a lot
easier to work with than the hardware store propane bottles.

I sometimes work outside in the winter, but when the temperature
goes below 40 F., I find it’s just too cold. I did cut the fingertips
off some leather gloves, so as to keep my hands a little warmer. But
make sure neither the gloves nor the lining are easily flammable!

Judy Bjorkman