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Re Cold solder (of all things!)

DDA> What’s the info on this stuff: applications, short commings,
DDA> cost, where can we get it, etc? Sounds like what the world’s
DDA> been waiting for!

G’day Dave, et al, I plead not guilty, m’lord! 'Twern’t me wot
dun that! I wouldnt anyway because;-

  1. I don’t believe in ‘cold fusion solder’. The stuff shops
    sell as cold solder is usually a glue of some kind (like epoxy,
    for instance) mixed with fine metal powder, like aluminium powder
  • for instance.
  1. I have never heard of a ‘Royal New Zealand Foundry’ - I’ve
    lived here 40 years

  2. The only thing I ever sent to Canada was a copy of my memoirs
    to my cousins!

  3. I don’t smoke, I don’t toke, and I don’t sleepwalk and I
    don’t remember telling anyone any such thing - must’ve been some
    other bloke, I reckon. 'Twern’t me! But Cheers anyway,

    / /    John Burgess, 

    / /
    / //\ @John_Burgess2
    / / \
    / (___)

Hi John,

Thanks for the quick response. It proves, once again, that if
it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Sure would be nice though, wouldn’t it?