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Re-antique ring


Hi everyone, I have a customer that has brought me a weddingband
that had black in the crevises of the design which has faded and she
wants it wants redone, can anyone tell me how to do this. Thanks in
advance. Peace — Mickey Kapoor


This is not a method I would use myself, but years ago, when working
at a repair bench for a jewelry store, I was told to apply india ink
to the depressions using a broken jeweler’s saw blade to transfer
and apply the ink. This could be the method used for what you are
trying to duplicate.


Go to a cobbler (shoe repair center) and ask for “heel black” It’s a
dense hard black wax. If you can’t get this then go to an art vshop
and ask for the wax used for “rubbings.” If the shops any good
they’ll realise that you want the stuff used for copying copper and
brass church plates and engraved stones.

Warm the ring (hot, hot, hot) and rub the heel black over it. The
wax will melt and fill the crevices.

Polish out the unneeded material with a soft piece of denim!

Do not apply any permanent processes to antique material. It will
ruin it’s value and you may come across problems if you try and do a
regular oxidation.

Tony Konrath
Key West Florida 33040