Re; Advertising in Designer Jewelry Showcase

Hi Doreen,

Regarding your post asking about your advertising dollar and
Designer Jewelry Showcase I would have to say: it all depends. DJS
is a national publication. Are you advertising nationally anywhere
else? The late, great, David Ogilvy, advertising guru, maintained
that a print ad is worthless until seen three times by the reader -
and the moe the better after that. So unless you’re also in American
Craft, JCK, or some other slick venue regularly, the DJS ad probably
will not be very effective.

Another consideration is that often the advertisers in such formats
are sold nationally via jewelry stores, chain department stores,
craft galleries, etc. Unless someone can easily walk into a store in
their area and ask to look at your work, the effectiveness of DJS
will be reduced that much more. If your plan is to rely on mail
order I think there are far more viable publications, especially
since, if I understand you correctly, you’re just getting started in
the commercial (read: want to sell my work) side of things.

In general, I would recommend finding local advertising
possibilities which will speak to an audience with easy access to
you. Or, if you’re going mail order, find publications which are
monthly - and affordable in terms of advertising each month - and
find out where your market really is. Perhaps you want to wholesale
to other retailers; in that case I would recommend researching trade
magazines and shows.

You cannot “over-advertise”, but you sure can hemmorhage a lot of
money on ineffective advertising.

You have made a wise first step in asking on Ganoksin. I’m sure
you’ll get a lot response and that will give you a place to start.
Good luck,

Les Brown
L.F.Brown Goldwork, Inc.
Kalsipell, MT

Hi Doreen,

I have been approached by DJS many times for ad space in their
magazine. While David Ogilvy, said three times, I think nine times
now is more like it. An excellent book is Guerilla Marketing.

It is difficult to determine how to get the biggest bang for the
buck these days. Marketing Metalwerx has been through trial and
error. I have spent a lot of money on useless advertising, because
I didn’t stick to the basic rule, you have to keep at it. The
problem with “keeping at it” is that it takes money to attract
attention, especially when the competetion is so stiff.

So how to get ones attention. Starting locally is a good way.
Before branching out to all points of the globe, exhaust your local
resources. Whenever I travel, I always make a point of going to
craft stores, jewelry stores, museum stores, etc. I look at the
work and see what they are buying. I get their card, and the buyers
name. I make a small packet and send some photos and introduce

One aspect of working DJS is that metal artists and jewelers are
lulled into a sense of, well, once the ad is there, I can just sit
back and wait for those calls to come in. Marketing takes time and
perserverance. You have to followup with a phone call. Did your
mailing reach the right person? This is not selling your work, the
gallery or store does this for you. This is marketing, and you have
to keep at it.

Research is a very important part of selling. I have been making my
resin inlay work for about three years now. I have give some to
friends and I wear it all the time. My friends keep bugging me,
when are you going to sell through galleries? I will, I’m just busy
at the moment. I get my friends to bring back sand and dirt from
all over the world and now I have a huge collection of seashells,
sand and dirt from sacred sites. For some odd reason, two galleries
contact me and now want these resin fish they have seen my friends
wearing. Now the marketing is paying off.

Your experiences are why I am writing a book on Marketing for
Metalartists and Jewelers. Although our work overlaps with many
other object making disciplines, I want to cover just the metal
arts. Les Brown has made some excellent points, and I agree with
all of them. I study car ads very carefully. It’s just a car
right? But look at the enormous amount of advertising dollars that
are put into slick car ads. Or the best is watching Coca Cola ads.
One can of carbonated sugar water, but look at the marketing
strategy they use to get you, the consumer to purchase that little
can of coke.

Make your work special, personal and unique. You will find no
better place than on Ganoksin for answers and support.

Good luck, or as I learned in Thai, Chook-dee!