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Re[2]: Silver Scale


Hey Marc, ease up there!

As a manufacturer of Sterling silver items, I can tell you that there
is a REAL good reason to use a rhodium plate on some silver. In our
case, we make medical ID bracelets and necklaces. Our experience
shows that people with diabetes and heart problems will tarnish silver
very quickly. We make a Standard line product that is plated, and we
make a Designer line that is not plated. The ONLY reason that we do
not plate the Designer pieces, is that we have to solder jump rings on

When you make pieces for general consumption, you will get returns for
tarnish. This can really kill you financially, especially if you are
a non-profit org. as we are. We started rhodium plating in June, and
our return rate has plummeted.

I notice that the rhodium pieces have a slightly different color, so
that might be helpful.

Anyway, Marc, and all, that’s my $0.02, thanks.

Jim Simmons, Production Engineer
Medic Alert

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Author: “Thomas Williams” at Internet
Date: 9/12/96 05:21

Hi my name is Marc Williams. The problem you are having is one that I
had in the recent past as well. It most definately is some kind of plating put
on te silver mfg. to try and slow down the tarnishing. This is a major pain in
the neck, especially if you know the peice didn’t come from any reputable
source. What then do you tell your customer?? Hmmm. I hope these manufacturers
realize that what they are doing by plating these peices only causes
headaches… the only real solution is to remove the film entirely and repolish
the peice… Good luck getting in those hard to reach areas… It does make for
a big mess… So all you silver manufacturers out there who think it is a good
idea to cover a peice of silver with some rhodium or chrome type plating
STOP… It only makes our lives harder…lol

From: on behalf of Randy Chambers
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 1996 9:45 AM
Subject: Re: Silver Scale