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Re[2]: Natural Gas or Propane?


Good answer Jeffrey.

Jim Simmons

______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________Subject: Re: Natural Gas or Propane?
Author: Jeffrey Everett at Internet
Date: 10/13/96 20:31

Jim Chambers wrote:

Why is it that I can hold the torch to a piece of solder for and etended
period of time( more than 5 seconds) and nothing happend… I mean, it seems
that a vapor barier forms like that which allows bugs to walk on water …
the solder never flows!!! Been told that the soldering process should take
only 2/3 seconds.??? Comments??

The heat is being drawn into the item being soldered most likely. If the
piece is up to soldering temerature when you start to heat the solder,
it’ll flow right away. Try heating the piece with a fairly soft flame
from underneath until it heats up, then sharpen the flame and flow the

     Jeffrey Everett

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