Raytech tumble vibe slowing down & pulsing

Hello all

I have two Raytech Tumble Vibes that I’ve worked fairly hard on
course cones with STG castings for about 1 year. One of them has
started slowing down considerably and pulsing between normal and
slow speed. I know they are pretty reliable normally and the local
agent says they have never had any problems which I believe to be
true. However this one is giving me problems and I’m looking for
advice if anyone has had a similar or same problem. Normally I would
just replace it but the these are not the times to be reckless with
money. Any info much appreciated.

Phil W


I can only speak to the use of vibratory tumblers for mostly rock
tumblers. Years ago I purchased the 4lb Raytech tumble vibe and it
ran fine for 6 months then one day just stopped never to start again.
I started take it apart hoping it was a loose wire or a motor I could
replace. First off the darn thing was all plastic and glued together.
Once I got inside it I was further disappointed to find the springs
between the motor base and bowl platform were hot glued in. At that
point I couldn’t see a loose connection so I gave up on my repair

Now my experience was with the 4 lb Raytech tumble vibe. Perhaps
their larger models are better constructed.

I have since switched to Thumler Ultra-vibes and have not regretted
the decision. Their bases are all steel, built like a tank, and are
easily taken apart for repairs. I recently had a motor seize up
because some of the tumbling sludge got into the top bearing a seized
it. Operator error from filling the bowl with too much water during a
cleaning step. I was able to find replacement bearings at a local
bearing supply shop. And in about an hour I was able to remove and
disassemble the motor, replace the bearings, reassemble, and have it
back in service.

Right now I have 10 lb and 18 lb Ultra-vibes that run pretty much
24x7x365. The only thing I have to replace regularly (like every year
or so) are the bowls due to wear.

I have no affiliation with Thumler; I’m just a very satisfied

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan