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Raytech CMF-400 magnetic finisher

A while back, Gesswein offered a nice price on Raytech magnetic
finishers (thanks Gesswein). I have used the pin finishing several
times and like it. I usually do one of a kind items, but on a recent
project i wanted to try mass finishing some titanium “washers”. I
also have the wet/dry bowls from Raytech with 220 and 400 grit Al
oxide pyramids and the soap as well as Dry-Shine III. I have no idea
about the ratio of water to soap to media. I took a guess and ran the
white pyramids for a while by themselves to break them in and then
tumbled the very thin Ti washers with the white 400 grit followed by
the Dri-Shine. It did almost nothing to the Ti (a soft CP 1 pure Ti),
maybe I am spoiled by the discontinued 3 finishing wheels.

Any one out there had any experience with the Raytech CMF-400?

I am signed up to take Judy Hoch’s mass finishing class this
weekend, but hoped someone had some experience with this machine.

Marlin in warm and sunny Denver