Rave on stone cutters and looking for a Source

A truely fantastic cut stone just makes the hackles raise and leaves
me in joy. I can pour out 2000 carats and see that one perfect stone
immediately. You do get what you pay for. I am trying to be soooo
picky with my gems. I have to sort through a lot of garbage lately
and am not sure what has gone wrong at my suppliers. I used to get
high quality a few chipped stones, but always over weight ordered to
allow for such… now I get 90 percent garbage 1 or 2 nice stones.

Not mentioning their name, but am looking for a new supplier for
sure. I need to buy not one stone at a time but thousands of carats
at a time. I need these to be useable. My needs vary from melee to 40
carat stones precious semi-precious and naturals like amber.

Any help appreciated

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