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Rare Earth Magnets

Anne Hollerbach uses magnets as a clasp for her incredible brooches.
Some have beautiful feathers from her array of parrots, captured in
mica and steel patinated washers. They were quite the hit with SNAG
in St. Louis. I still have mine and wear it all the time.

An elegant solution to a fabulous brooch.

Karen Christians
10 Walnut St.
Woburn, MA 01801

Current Artwork:

Thanks, Karen. That’s recommendation enough for me. I love the
potential versatility here–I’m thinking of the sort of take-apart &
re-configure brooches that were done so well in the Deco period: one
brooch that clipped apart into two sweater clips and a pair of
earrings, for example. I love the idea of doing this in a more
contemporary way–maybe a bug that fits on a brooch but also has a
perch on a leaf necklace and a floral hair piece, for ex. Or several,
repositionable bugs… Oh, help; I need patrons like Daniel Brush’s
to protect me from the Real World.

Here’s a random tip for everyone: today I was faced with a nightmare
cleanup. I had a large plexiglass display case, covered in globs and
smears of Museum Wax and “Stick 'Um” candle adhesive. Given plexi’s
tendency to scratch, as well as to cloud/melt with many detergents and
cleaning products, I figured I’d never get the stubborn adhesives off.
Anyone else know about “Goo Gone?” To know this product is to love
it. It will clean off just about anything gluey, crusty, sticky.
(Some stains, too–have never tried it for this, but they say tar,
gum, blood, oil, etc. I use it most for annoying label/sticker
residue.) I think it’s citrus based; it has a vaguely oily quality.
Does eventually evaporate, but not nearly so quickly as, say, rubber
cement thinner, which is my second favourite goo-remover. Here’s the
good news: Goo Gone removed those stubborn wads and lumps of adhesive
waxes as if they were mere dirt smudges. And it did no harm
whatsoever to the plexiglass. There’s no oily residue, no streaks of
melted wax, no cloudiness. My case looks as good as new. I don’t
know how widely available this product is, but my guess is that it
shouldn’t be hard to find. I recently found it on the shelves of a
Zeller’s-type store in Mexico! (NB: my case is acetone-joined. Don’t
know what GG would do to silicone. Prob. fine–but I’d do a test bit
first were I wanting to use it in such a case.)

Cheers to all.

goo gone can be purchased at the home depot, k mart and I most likely
wall mart… I use it often to remove just about anything sticky and
tackie from china before painting. Karen