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Rapaport Prices

 Most dealers in our area are buying stones at 50% back of "Rapp"
off the street.

I’m curious about this statement. By “off the street” do you mean
they are paying 50% of Rap for diamonds purchased from walk-ins like
divorced people or others who have diamonds they want to sell? Or do
you mean they are buying at that price from diamond wholesalers?
What kind of goods are you describing? Carbon-on-a-stick or certed
stones? If certed, what kind of certs? What kinds of makes? That
seems like a very large discount for anything but walk-in goods.

Rick Martin

By buying off the street I mean if I buy a diamond from a divorcee
and take it to the local " wholesale" dealers they will give me 50%
below the rapp price what ever that price may be for that particular
grade of stone.That is why I hold on to most stones I buy.I don’t buy
many usually word of mouth or from people I know.Regards J Morley
Coyote Ridge Studio