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Radioactive jewelry

I have a few questions regarding some stories about radioactive
jewelry. The first is has anyone ever heard about cloisonne
bracelets that contained some radioactive materials?

You are probably confusing the color of Cabolt with the
radioactive isotope Cabolt.but you might look out for Cinnabar,it
is radioactive and could have been used in some old Jewelry.

during the 80’s there were supposed to be some blue topaz that was
they were irradiated, the retained their radioactivity. Last, just
last week there was a story about the gem cat’s eye that
supposedly was extremely radioactive. (I believe it occurred in
Bangkok). I’m curious as to whether or not these stones came to
the United States, and if so, when? I happen to own a cloisonne
bracelet as well as some blue topaz from the 80’s and I was
wondering if they are safe to wear. ( I haven’t been since hearing
these stories). Would other surrounding jewelry be affected by
these bracelets and gems?

During the 80’s there were two labs that allowed Blue Topaz even
above international levels on the market.One in Brazil(Sao
Paulo) and one in China somewhere.This is what prompted the
United States to pass licensing,and stiff regulation with customs

In addition,U.S. placed their military on site at Sao Paulo
reactor to control.If by some chance,unlikely if you deal in
Antiques,Topaz treatment was not even discovered until the 50’s
and commercially applied until 70’s,you did get one of these hot
stones,by now the irradiation is long dissipated.Although were
you to have a Aquamarine or any Beryl,improperly irradiated,it
could stay hot 100 years or more.

That is the case with the Cat’s Eye Crysoberyl in the recent
articles.They irradiated it improperly,it could have had an near
immediate release.

As for you question,about adjacent stones becoming hot.This is
possible,were you to have a type of stone very susceptible near
one that is giving off irradiation.

Zircon would be a good example,next to one of those Nuclear

Mark Liccini

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