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hi, i have received an e-mail from one of my overseas gem
supplieres and he stated their is a change in us policy on blue
topaz due to the process by which they are radiated. i don’t deal
much in blue topaz but i am interested if any body else has any
on this policy shift.



I’m going to have to search, but I recently saw an article that
dealt with irradiated gem material. I’m sorry I don’t remember
exactly what it was about, but maybe someone else has seen it.
If I find it I’ll post back the info.


I am a professional Gemstone treater.Please give your friends my
contact For your question I have the current NRC
regulations up at my site under the link “Treating Tips” direct
URL below

I also have there copy of the U.S. patent laws concerning Topaz
treatment,and the formulas to do it yourself.My rates are more
or less published under the cover page link “Treating Services”

I am going to add in the next month or so the United States FTC
regulations and all the Trade organization reccomendations
concerning nomenclature.That is how you can legally describe a
treated Gemstone.

                                        Mark Liccini

Gemstone Rough Dealers since 1970 U.S.MAIL
E-Mail: @Mark_Liccini1 107 C Columbus Dr. Jersey City,N.J.07303
Voice Mail/Fax: 201-795-1115

Mark, any tips on treating Pariba? We have a few hundred carats of top
Pariba that cracks every time we follow the usual method…

Jeffrey Everett