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R&R Solitaire Investment


Well I receive a barrel of this investment late last week and I have
to say, its turns green! I seem to get better results than with the
satincast. Anyone else use this investment? The people at R&R were
very kind and did not make a fuss dealing with an “individual”.

Hats off to you.
Jon, Montreal

** Hanuman’s Response **

R&R (Ransom and randolph) are Orchid Sponsors! Please visit the
Solitaire Investment site at:


I have used R&R for years and find it’s the least finicky and most
forgiving, you can also get a lot of to download to your
computer for their ratio of water to investment, and possible
casting problems and suggestions, also they were great to me when I
spoke over the phone with questions. I use their “Ultra-Vest
Jewellery Investment” and it’s works well for everyday casting. My
investment does not turn green, but my castings generally turn out

Tara from Vancouver, BC (Canada)

** Hanuman’s Response **

R&R (Ransom and randolph) are Orchid Sponsors! Please visit the
Solitaire Investment site at:


I have been using R & R investment ever since satin cast people
changed their formula without telling their users. I had been using
satin cast for several years without worrying about weighing it and
measuring the water. Never had a problem. When satin cast changed
the formula the mix ratio became critical. I lost 5 of 6 original
castings. Good by satin cast hello R&R. I have had excellent
results with R&R. It seems to be stronger. Lee Epperson


Jon, I use the solitaire investment exclusively for all my gold &
silver castings. I LOVE IT. Although it was designed to be used
for stone-in-place casting, I use it because of the boric acid in
the mix as well as doing some stone in place casting. It keeps the
castings looking nice & bright. I used to have a dark tarnished
finish on the cast with regular investment for the 18KY with a
standard investment. The only drawback is that it takes a bit to
remove to from the flask. It doesn’t break apart like satin cast,
but I think it was Tyler Tigue that told me that this is because of
the boric acid in the mix. The reason it’s green (I had a question
about that too when I first started using it) is because the folks
at R&R tinted it green as another added measure to let you know the
difference between it and normal investment for those people who use
2 different kind. Imagine having a few carats of diamonds destroyed
because you mixed and poured the wrong investment by accident!

It’s also a premium investment (costing a bit more) and the water to
powder ratio is a little less critical to get good results. I’ve
had it real watery and other batches real thick and didn’t mess
things up, although I try now to stick closely to the suggested
ratio to rule out that as a problem when de-bugging my casting
processes. Good Luck

Travis Duggan Placitas, New Mexico where my fly rod is calling my
name every weekend, but I’m too dang busy to respond…