Does anyone have experience work with QVC in PA. Please tell me what did
you feel.

I have had QVC experience, though not with jewellery. I sold produced more
than 100,000 hand knit sweaters for them several years ago. The quantity
was big, price was low, with a low mark up, leaving little room for error.
They will provide a book of “rules” for you to follow. I’m not sure about
QVC, but most other mass merchants will charge you back for quality
problems and late deliveries.Be sure you are on time because that could
eat into your margin. You can try to get them to open a domestic Letter of
Credit, then all parties are protected,or a foreign one if it’s from
overseas and it’s a substantial amount of $$, your bank can give you info.
The product went on the air at 11PM and was sold out by the morning! If
you are prepared to produce in great qty and can keep a delivery it can be
a good thing. If you are constantly late then you’ll lose $$.

Robin Wagner