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QuickBooks in your store, here is some news

For those of you using QuickBooks in your store, here is some news:

  1. QuickBooks Pro 2010 came the later part of 2009. You HAVE to have
    QB 2010 if you’re going to be using Windows 7. Intuit (QuickBooks
    company) brings out a new product in October of each year. QB Pro
    2011 is coming out in about 2 weeks and you’ll only be able to buy
    2010 as long as quintiles are in stock. Stores like Office Depot
    RETURN all 2010 copies and stock ONLY 2011 copies when this comes

  2. QuickBooks starts out at a high price when it comes out and as
    the year gets older for the product (gee-think they know something
    you should adopt?) they discount it to have the least amount in stock

  3. QuickBooks Pro is about $160 at Office Depot right now. Its $128

  4. QuickBooks pro 2011 (coming out in 2 weeks) is $200! ($199.99).
    Easily today $70 higher than 2010 right now.

  5. You should buy an update to QB every 3 years or so. If you get
    Windows 7, you have to get at least QB Pro 2010, older versions won’t
    work well with Windows 7 at all. If you have QB with their payroll, I
    believe they MAKE you update about every 3 or 4 years. If you DO NOT
    have QuickBooks payroll and stick with Windows XP and don’t care
    about more bells and whistles there’s no reason to get an update at

  6. Here are 2 things that make QB 2011 a choice over 2010:

a. Balance Sheet items (like inventory, assets, etc) in 2010 and
earlier versions cannot use CLASS just like profit and loss items. If
you don’t understand “class”, its OK. Jewelers use class to separate
STORE LOCATIONS on the profit and loss. If you have 2 stores you can
have a P&L with 3 columns:


b. In all previous versions of QB, if you had TWO QuickBooks files
(Why? Two companies. One file is your store, the other file is the
rental property company you own on the side or owns by you the
building) you’d have to CLOSE one file and open the other company to
make an entry and close the rental company and open up the jewelry
store to quickly write a check.

In 2011 you can have TWO QB companies open at the same time. Like
having two documents open in WORD. Just go to the “Window” icon and
click on the other file. A real time saver.

So if you’re using an older version of QuickBooks and are planning
to upgrade either your current computer to Windows 7 or BUY a new
computer with Windows 7, you’ll need 2010 QB or 2011 QB. If you don’t
need the “a” & “b” I explained above, get QB Pro 2010 now while

David Geller

Director of Profit