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Quick change handpieces


Question. I just purchased the Foredom #18 handpiece. Haven’t used
it yet. Not sure if I like it. Can anyone tell me how well the
spring lasts? Baldeco’s are nice but not in my budget. Should I keep
this one or send it back?




I assume you mean the “18D” with the Duplex spring? I love hand
pieces with Duplex springs but not everyone does. The Duplex spring
doesn’t really wear out. What happens (sometimes) is people get a
bur caught in what they are working on and the rotational torque of
the running flexshaft has no place to go so can very quickly twist
the Duplex spring enough the put a permanent kink in it. The Duplex
spring is inside the -visible- chrome spring. IThe Duplex must then
be changed. It takes a fairly major seize-up with a bur to kink the
Duplex but one should still be careful with flexshaft use. Not an
easy job to change the spring so once people have to do it they
generally learn to be more careful using their flexshafts. Duplex
springs are only a couple $ each so it’s not a major expense. You
really need a bench vise to replace one though. Keep the handpiece
lubed according to Fordom instructions and you’ll be good to go for
many years.

Richard Paille


This is a great little hand piece. Its great for quickly changing
burs and the duplex spring helps reduce hand strain and increases
control. Since this handpiece has a duplex spring, make sure that
your motor is hung high enough. You don’t want the spring to bend
over 90 degrees when your using it. This causes undue stress on the
spring and can reduce its life. Always have a spare spring on hand.
If it goes out, you can not use the handpiece until you replace the

I think your going to love how quickly you can change the bits and
how slimthis is in the hand.

Phillip Scott
Technical Support
Rio Grande


Thanks Richard. It is not the one with the Duplex spring. I was
referring tothe spring on the release lever.


As long as you don, t bend the spring, these flex, s last as long as
you give it “respect”. I have had my two flex springs for literally
decades!!! In fact I prefer to have two, in case one of them fail on
me at the last moment. Gerry!


When I first got mine about 6 early ago, I kinked the spring. Since
I fixed it, and learned how not to abuse it, the same spring is
still going just fine. It is a real pleasure to use compared to hand
pieces that do not have it. Thst being said, I have a spare spring
just in case…



Hi Cathy,

The Foredom 18 handpiece is unique with it’s paddle style lever to
change bits.

The model you choose is a matter of personal preference (and

Most handpieces will serve you well if you take care of them.

You probably are asking about the release lever spring. Our
experience is that it will last the life of the handpiece…
However, the collet won’t.

Avoid heavy handed use that might cause the bur to spin in the
collet as the collet grip is not adjustable on the Foredom 18 like it
is on all other handpieces.

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.


Attn. John Cranor

Are you still in business?

If so, I am seeking repair of an older Techniques handpiece. It
started slipping several years ago, when it belonged to a friend of
mine. He bought a new one, and packed this one away. It may be
missing a small piece or two, I’m not sure.

Could I send it to you for evaluation and possible repair? If you
are no longer in business, can you recommend someone?

I would like to repair this one, if possible, because the original
owner was a good friend of mine, and I take great pleasure in using
some of his old tools.

Marrin T. Fleet


Hi Marrin, Yes, I still repair handpieces.

I moved in 2009.

We are in beautiful Idaho

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.
1626 Kings Row Road
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805


There’s a guy at Otto Frei that can repair the old Technique hand

He has some parts still. Contact them for more info on who to send
it to. I got one of the newer ones a few years ago, but it’s just not
as good as the Technique. I went back to my old one and will keep
getting it repaired as long as I can.