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Quick change handpiece

My Fordham quick change handpiece is no longer holding my drill bits and accessories securely. Any ideas what might be wrong and how to fix it? Thank you Christina

The collet needs to be adjusted or your 3/32 shanks are worn. Find the directions and allen wrench that came with the handpiece. Once you read the directions, use the allen wrench to adjust the collet per the directions. I have to do this from time to time and it is pretty easy to do. The quick change handpiece was one of my better tool investments. Good luck…Rob


Thank you Rob, you have been a wealth of information, now and in the past. Christina

Cheers Rob, I’m back up and running! Christina


I have had to replace the collet in mine over time. also do a deep cleaning of the collet area where stuff like rubber particles love to collect if you use rubber wheels.

Thank you so much, yes I noticed that that collet area was filthy. I suppose they sell the little felt barrier pieces. I shall look on Rio Grande. Thanks for your help!

I’ll take a look at mine. It has gradually gotten harder to use. Thanx!