Quick-Change Hand piece Slipping

There is an easy adjustment which can be performed to this hand
piece. In fact I just did this on one this morning and it took only a
few minutes.

Step 1. Remove the hand piece from the flexible shaft.

Step 2. Unscrew the black tip from the end of the hand piece. (where
you insert the burs)

Step 3. Open the collet by turning the lever 90 degrees to the hand

Step 4. Insert the small hex wrench into the center of the collet.

Step 5. Hold the collet holder still with a pair of pliers. Do not
smash this tube.

Step 6. Loosen the hex screw inside the collet.

Now you should be able to turn the collet in a clockwise direction.
A turn or two will allow the collet to be seated further into the
metal tube, which will allow your burs to hold tightly. With the hex
wrench, retighten the set screw. Reinstall the black tip on the hand
piece and install it back on your flexible shaft. You should be ready
to use you #20 hand piece again and with the proper adjustment, it
should hold as good as new.

Feel free to contact our technical support department for

Best regards,

Phillip Scott G.G.
Technical Support & Sales
Rio Grande