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Hi all

I have a couple of questions. I’ve always seasoned my silica
crucibles I just bought an electro melt and it seems that carbon
crucibles don’t lend themselves to seasoning am I right or am I
missing something. (2)I use both a little torch and a meco midget
torch. Till now I used the little torch because it is easier to
handle do to the flexibility of the hoses however I have always
preferred the flame characteristic’s of the midget but as some of
you know the red/green rubber hoses are rather stiff. I have seen
some jewelers use poly tubing on the midget and that’s what I’m
thinking about going to. I also use propane and know to use the
"T" grade rubber hoses. My long winded question is does propane
have a negative effect on poly tubing and if so what is its safe
life.(3) The reason I use propane and not natural gas is I tried
Natural gas and no matter what torch I use I always got a
pulsating flame. I even had the gas company out to check
pressures. I finally decided the .7 WC did not provide enough
gas pressure. recently I read that stepping up the oxygen
pressure will elimate this problem. Does anyone else have a

jed ross