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Hi everybody,

I have been keeping tabs on the group everyday and trying to
learn from what you say. But, now I have a few questions. I say
the messages a while back on wire wrapping. I understand some
of you don’t consider it an art, but, I’m not doing this to
empress anyone. I want to play with some ideas I have floating
around in my brain. Can anyone tell me a good source of sterling
silver and gold (fill?) wire. And a good book on just the
basics. I want to use some ideas I have, but, I need to be sure
I know enough basics to make sure the stone is secure.

I am also interested in making chains from wire. I know nothing
about this. It should be interesting to see what disasters I come
up with.

I went to the Gem and Jewelery show in Dallas this past weekend.
I had to go twice because it was overwhelming. It was the
second show that I have gone to. I went to the one in Houston
two years ago and to the Button and Bead show the same year.
It’s to much to see to not go on overload.

I also want to thank Dr. Aspler for the wonderful on
amber. Amber fascinates me. I would love to have some for
myself, and to make some pieces out of it. One thing I don’t
understand is why you always see amber set in silver when gold
would set it off so much better?

Thanks again Dr Aspler and to all for the help you given me,


I’ve found that Rio Grande is a good source for all kinds of
wire. Thier website address is: As for
books, there are 2 by Ellsworth Sinclair - one is “Moods in
Brass & Glass” and the other is “Moods in Wire”. These can also
be ordered from Rio Grande. Lapidary Journal frequently has
articles on working with wire; The April issue had instructions
for making a crocheted wire bracelet. There are several books on
making chains. I just bought one called “Classical Loop-in-Loop
Chains and their Derivatives” by Stark and Smith. Tim McCreight’s
book, “The Complete Metalworker” has instructions for a few
chains, as does “Textile Techniques in Metal” by Arlene Fisch.
Wire wrapping can be a beautiful art; don’t feel intimidated by
others who might make derisive remarks about it. The main thing
is to produce beautiful and original work. Elena

I don’t know about wirewrap being considered art; I don’t think
most artists worry about what is art and what isn’t. I do know
that I am learning how to wrap wire, using Sinclair’s books, and
under the casual tutelage of my friend Daniel Pompa, who drops by
the bead store every couple of weeks while I am working. I am
having the time of my life. So much for art; so much for

< the bead store every couple of weeks while I am working. I am
< having the time of my life. So much for art; so much for
< controversy.

What controversy??!!