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Questions to people in the US (especially in NYC)

Hi everybody,

From this year on I’ll be visiting New York City as often as
possible to research if there’s possibility for me to orient
myself in the sector of modelmaking and/or manufacturing.

I worked for 7 years as model maker, and for 3 out of these 7
years I made models for high quality jewelry, always using lost
wax method.

In the US, generally speaking, when you look for a work place as
a model maker, is it very important preparing well-made resume?
Or is it more important bringing with you the photographs or the
models to show?

In Valenza (Italy), where I live, it’s quite usual that we make
phone calls to the companies we listed up from yellow pages of
the town to ask if they need any. If they don’t, they’ll ask us
about our experiences (in which company we worked, etc.) and our
phone no., or if they need, we’ll take an appointment and talk
personally. Then normally they’d try your ability for 1 or 2
weeks. Is it much different in the US, especially in NYC? I’d be
very glad if I could hear something in this regard from people
in NYC.

Please don’t hesitate e-mailing me!

Thank you very much,
Aogi Yoshizawa

this is in reponse to Aogi’s questions about his search for a
job in the NYC jewelers industry.

I would like to get comments from others as well. I feel that
you should always have a nicely printed resume which lists your
experience. It does not have to be flashy- but I feel you are
creative to begin with the appearance of you resume should
reflect it. It shouldn’t be really busy because someone has to
read it - but a nice layout- a nice font maybe even a logo for
yourself is a great idea - and it helps you to stand out from the
crowd. Also, you should ALWAYS include images of your work with
your resume. You should buy a simple folder to put your resume
and slides inside. It makes a really nice presentation. i think is
shows a possibly employer that you really care about your work and
take pride in it.


Hi Dede, hi everybody,

I was expecting this. In Valenza instead, we’re very informal in
a certain sense – I’m referring to a model maker’s case. People
here would gladly take a look at the models you made or their
photographs, but talking from my experience (for 10 years of
living here) they never ask a written resume. Well, if you show
one to them, probably they’d appreciate it, but until they’ll
try your ability, it seems that they tend to avoid constructing
any concrete image on you. Naturally in a designer’s case, I
believe a well-made resume, along with the portofolio, would
influence sensibly the employer’s impression on him/her.

Great tips. I thank you very much!

Also I would like to ask other model makers in the US among us :
how did you prepare your resume when you were seeking a working

And again, is it quite normal there in the US to make phone
calls to the companies you’re interested in working in, even if
they don’t need any personal at the moment? In Valenza it’s
quite usual. Sometimes even the secretaries are so accustomed to
receive such phone calls, that they’ll make a short interview to
you, and if you’re lucky (if your former experiences appear
helpful to them), later when they’ll need a model maker, they’ll
call you up to talk about a trial. How does it work in the US?

Aogi Yoshizawa