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Questions on bernz-o-matic pencil torch

i believe i have a leak in my bernz-o-matic pencil torch right where
the hose goes into the handpiece. i have a couple of questions:

-the hose seems to be a braided fabric. will it be damaged if i put
leak detector on it? i have some commercial stuff, and i can use the
non-fatty soaps mentioned in previous posts.

-does anyone know how the handpiece attaches to the hose? what
holds them together? there is no obvious connector.

-is it possible to tighten or repair the connection?

-i have been waiting to purchase an acetylene-air torch until i was
more comfortable with handling the combustible gasses, but this makes
me think that it is time to buy another torch. i wish that acetylene
came in tanks smaller than the mc size.

i think i will look at the bernz-o-matic website and email them my
questions too.

thanks, jean adkins

ps: i have gotten several really good suggestions to my question
about soldering a bezel to a ring blank. i think i will be able to
control the assembly now. thank all of you.