Questions (More questions)

I also have some questions. I don’t know if anyone does any
work with with beads (or are you guys past that?) but, I am
making alot of Y chains right now. Because I am using alot of
small faceted crystal, I am spending to much time makeing the
loops on each end of my pins. I have to make them very small and
I keep dropping them. I can’t seem to get a good hold of them. I
use round plyers (?) and a flat plyer to hold with. Even though
I use small tipped plyers, I also have problems getting the loop
close enough to the bead and nice and round. It has become really
tedious work.

I also bought powder liver of sulphur from Rio Grande and they
sent it without instructions. I called and they didn’t have any.
So it is just sitting on a shelf. Does anyone know how to use
it? I want to use it to antique silver and gold.

I have many more questions, but I’ll give a break and ask them a
little at a time