Question on round earring settings

Hi all - I have a set of 8mm round stones that were sold to me as
emeralds, but I am certain are not. They are, however, quite
pretty. So I set them in an 8mm round pre-fabricated setting. They
look quite pretty on display. Unfortunately, when one puts them on,
they no longer look pretty - the post is at the top of the setting,
which means the stones hang on the bottom part of the earlobe instead
of being centered. It really looks quite strange. I have been
searching for another sort of setting to use, and most of them seem
to also have the post on the top (although I did finally find some in
the Rio Grande catalog that are a more traditional setting with a
centered post).

I am curious as to how others feel about the post being at the top
for an earring setting. Hope this makes sense!


 I am curious as to how others feel about the post being at the
top for an earring setting. 

Hi Beth, In a setting for round stones, it shouldn’t really make a
difference. On the other hand, when I make settings for oval cabs, I
will put the post toward one end or the other, so the earrings will
tend to stay in a vertical orientation when being worn. If the posts
were in the center of the settings the earrings can rotate, which
might look odd with a pair of ovals. Since I don’t have any pierced
ears, I can’t try them on for effect…

All the best,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA) <

Hi Beth, You might try using a monster clutch to support the earring
in a more upright position, which you might find more to your
liking. The location of a post on the body of the earring has a
direct relationship to the location of the hole in the earlobe, and
some individuals do require a change in position of the post, but
often the problem can be solved with the larger clutch. Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA