Question on mold making

I would like to make a mold that would give me a one-sided cast that
I can put my metal shavings in and then melt with a torch. Can anyone
give me the best way to do this? what material would hold up and give
me some detail?

Thank You,

Hi Christine,

Although it isn’t exactly what you asked for, the Delft Clay system
is the closest I can think of.

Using Delft clay, a single sided mold could be made & then the metal
melted in a separate container poured in. Look in the Rio Grande
catalog for the Delft clay system. It may be available other places,
but I know Rio has it.

Usual disclaimers.


Is there a reason why you particularly want to use melted metal
shavings? Metal clay works very well for this type of molding, and I
think would carry far fewer problems. Not only can you get
tremendous detail, you can adjust and alter the piece after its
molded, but before it’s fired. Metal clay can be fired with either a
kiln (such as those used for glass work, or for flask burnout) or
with a torch.


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