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Question on Matte Finishes

Hi group, when I started out making pendants in silver I polished everything to a mirror finish. I have found as I wear the pendants that the mirror finish turns them into a bit of a suction cup and they just stick to my neck, which is not comfortable. I have since started putting a matte finish on the back, but I simply use sandpaper to do so. I just wanted folks opinion on what is the best way to get an even and consistent matte finish. I have seen a number of bits for the flex shaft, but would really like to hear your real world experience with what works best. Thank you!

Bead blaster with the grit of your choice will do a fine job.

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I use an abrasive satin finish wheel on a polishing machine. It takes only a second or two with a careful, light touch to to avoid scratching polished surfaces on the front of a piece.

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I agree. This is by far the best way. Although there are any number of abrasive satin finish wheels for a flex shaft, they won’t give you an even finish. Using an abrasive wheel (3M makes the ones I use) gives you an excellent even finish on a polishing machine.