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Question on Colores


Michael Martinez at Rio suggested I start a new thread on a recent Rio purchase
of Colores. Following is my question to Michael at Rio sent by email Dec 2, 2016.

I ordered two sets of Colores a few weeks ago to use on sterling jewelry.
A few years ago there was a Colores “hi-lite” product to use with
Colores. Is this still available? It is a powder which leads me to believe
it can still be used even though the results may not be predictable.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for any help. Best,


Hi Mary - this question is best directed to @RioGrande directly. You can always tag them right in the post :slight_smile:

Michael Martinez is the support guru here at Ganoksin… he is not with Rio. I am sure Rio will jump in, or perhaps someone else here on Orchid will soon!



Thanks, Seth

I’ll redirect to Rio. Best, MA