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Question! Do you know the answer?

Webster’s online:

Main Entry: find=B7ing
Pronunciation: 'fIn-di[ng]
Function: noun
1 a : the act of one that finds b : FIND 2
2 plural : small tools and supplies used by an artisan (as a
dressmaker, jeweler, or
3 a : the result of a judicial examination or inquiry b : the results
of an investigation –
usually used in plural

Actually, I always thought they are called findings because

they are the output of a foundry.

“If you wear cubic zirconia, God will know.” Maryanne Thorpe

Minutes off I-95 in sunny central SC, USA,
where the camellias are blooming.

Thanks Bucky, I always thought they were called findings because
when I drop one I have lots of trouble “finding” it. :slight_smile: Ken