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Question about Shows in Central California

Hello All,
This question is for everyone in the bay area of CA. or within a
days drive of it: I’d like to know from personal experience which
retail shows in the area you’ve tried and found worth the effort.

I’m new to the area and am having good luck getting into
galleries but now I think I’d like to try a show or two. I did a
few shows in Iowa when I lived there, but barely broke even
(although the shrinky-dink artist across from me sold out at $2 a
piece). So I guess I’m looking for a more high end or fine arts

The sources I’ve found so far are from magazines such as Crafts
Report and I know of Online sources like Sunshine Artist and the
Harris Report (although I have not subscribed).

Any help/advise/direction would be wonderful. And If anyone is
doing or knows of any shows in the area this month, please let
me know, I’d love to attend!

Amy O’Connell

Hi Amy,

When I was visiting Palo Alto (do you consider this Central CA ?)
this summer I visited a show they had in their downtown area. I
bought a piece and talked to a couple of artists that I
recognized from shows in the midwest.

The show starts at 10 a.m., we were there at 9:30 and it was
packed already. The artists say it is an amazingly good show and
has been for yrs, you might want to check with their Chamber of
Commerce for info on applying. The work is a goofy but nice mix,
but nothing I wouldn’t want to be next to at a show…unlike the
aforementioned shrinky dink artist (kind of a stretch there don’t
you think?)

Good work…Karen

In the midwest, 70 for the Christmas party on
Saturday…32 when I walked the dog today.



The best publication I have found for California Artists is “The
Crafts Fair Guide” . The guide reviews arts and crafts fairs all
over California, but recently I have seen reviews as far as New
Mexico. The unique thing about this guide is that it is for
artists and craftspeople by artists and craftspeople. You can
obtain the following from the guide. What shows are
up and coming. Cost of Show Rating by the artist which is broken
down into categories. (I am most interested in Jewelers whose
work is over 100.00 they also have a category of Jewelers whose
work is under $100.00, as well as other categories such as
textiles, glass, painting, ceramics…etc. How much the made at
the show. If the artist would return to the show. Who the promoter
is and the artists experience with the promoter and more.
etc… The Crafts Fair Guide P.O. Box 688 Corte Madera, CA 94976
Phone or Fax: 415-924-3259 / 800-871-2341 If you want more
please email me off line.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs

Amy, The Palo Alto show used to be put on by Terry Pimsleur,
(check the chamber of commerce now), who does several other shows
around your area. Other shows are put on by California Artists,
Nancy Allee, and a nice show is at the piers in SF put on by Roy
Helms for the Contemporary Crafts Market. Also at the piers is
the Women’s show in December. Great if you can get in, the
questions on the application are a bit odd.

Good Luck,

Lisa,( It is soo cold here…) Topanga, CA USA

Hi Amy, I live in Southern Oregon and do some shows in the Bay
area. A good guide for California shows is The Crafts Fair Guide
it lists only shows that other crafts people have sent in reviews
for so you get some idea of what the good shows, bad shows are,
and how much money people make. I will say one thing, in my
experience doing shows is a hard way to make money, there are
too many shows in California and its hard to find a good one
with customers who appreciate fine craft. Anyway here is the
address: The Crafts Fair Guide, P.O.Box 688, Corte Madera, CA
94976. Phone: 1-800-871-2341, fax 415-924-3259. The cost is
$45.00 a year, comes out quarterly.

Hope this helps, email me if you want more specifics about shows
I have done.

Jan McClellan


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