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Question about painted enameling techniques

Hello, I love enameling, and have experimented with basse taille,
champleve, plique a jour, as well as other methods (sgraffito,
sifting, etc…). I am very interested in learning how to do limoges
and I have seen it done with enamel paints, as well as with charcoal.
Miniature painting/drawing skills are a requirement (I need to work
on that, for sure), but aside fromthat, I am finding that obtaining
on tools and methods is verydifficult.

I have a small but decent collection of enameling books, and the one
with the most specifics seems to be "Enameling with Professionals,“
but that is limited, and of course there is no teaching instruction
or visual aids (other than the finished products of the artists
interviewed). Even some really old and/or advanced skills have been
filmed and posted on YouTube, but I cannot find any details about
limoges. The rarest instruction seems to be about how to get that
"sketched” look using charcoal. Can anyone help? Any information
would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!