Question about magnetic polisher

It may not work well to use stainless steel scrap. Not all stainless
steel is magnetic so this would not be of use. You will note that
refrigerator magnets won’t stick to a stainless refrigerator. It
does depend on the grade of stainless steel, but again not all
stainless is magnetic.

Thank you Orchidians for once again pouring clear onto a
question. I think I will concentrate my recycling activities in
other areas.

Diane In Yorkshire

what is a magnetic polisher?

WRT stainless steel magnetic properties, there are 2 crystal
structures involved, austenite and ferrite.

austenite (occurs in pure FE at high temperatures) is face centered
cubic and non-ferromagnetic ferrice (occurs in pure FE at room
temperatures) is body centred cubic and ferromagnetic.

Austenite - Wikipedia and associated links

Stainless steel is an alloy with significant amounts of Cr and Ni Cr
is a ferrite promotor and Ni is an austenite promotor the balance
between the two determines what crystal structure and hence what
magnetic properties the steel has at room temperatures…