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Question about gold solder

I was cleaning out my studio and in a box found two small envelopes
from Martin Hannum. marked “gold solder.” Both are marked "yellow,"
and “No.14.” One is Easy, one is hard.

Printed on the small yellow envelops, is the that the
number refers to the color match and not the gold content.

I don’t have a clue as to whether these are repair solders, or what.
Obviously they are not plumb, but I have no idea what they are. Can
it be that they are repair solders??

I tried to locate Martin Hannum’s website, but they do not have one.

Can anyone tell me what the contents of these envelops contain, and
what to use them for.

Thank you for your help. Alma

Maybe this might be a help if we’re talking about the same company.

Best regards

Thank you Pedro for the link to Martin Hannum. I will give them a
call andsee if they can identify the solder. Alma