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Question about equipment


My name is Stephen Allen. My grandfather recently passed away and
left me all of his equipment for fastening and making jewelry and
cutting I’ve been serving in the military for 10 years,
and just recently got orders. Due to the nature of my move, I’m
unable to take the equipment with me that my grandfather left me.

I don’t know much about this equipment, and my constant searching in
google has proven fruitless. I’m just trying to get an idea of how
much this equipment should go for, or if anyone would be interested
in buying it.

I’m hoping to get into Jewelry making when I retire, but currently
it’s just not in the cards. It’s a tough choice to get rid of this
equipment, but I have a weight limit for what I can take, and this
just won’t make it.

I currently have a Viking Super VT-6 Tumbler, An Ultra Tec Model V1,
and a Star Diamond Industries Model 10C. All of these were bought by
my grandfather sometime in the 1960’s / 1970s

I’ve plugged everything in and it’s working, I’ve also cleaned them
up to make them look nicer. Everything is functional.

If anyone could assist me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all,
Stephen Allen

Hi Ross,

One option is to loan the equipment to a jr. college or rock club
until you get back.

Make an agreement that will give you the equipment sometime in the
future when if and when you return.

This way, it can be used by beginners and professionals too. The
people in the rock club can give you on its real value.

Veva Bailey

Hello Stephen,

Hope your military move is a positive one.

Without revealing your specific address, it would be helpful to know
the geographic area in which you live. Some old equipment is better
than new stuffand some is not. The best way to get a handle on value
is for someone to look at it ‘in person’. It is possible that an
Orchidian who can answer yourquestion is near to your location.

Judy in Kansas, where some lovely gentle rain fell yesterday. After
things dry out a bit, the ground will be perfect to pull weeds and
to plant that fall garden.

Hi Stephen,

Good luck on your next posting.

First question: where are you (and the gear) now? That has a lot to
do with what things will go for, and how easily.

Second question: how much time do you have to deal with it? Less
time=less money.

Once upon a time, many of the larger posts had crafts programs
through the morale office. I don’t know what the situation is these
days, but if you get to the ‘gotta go’ stage, you might look into
whether or not there still is such a program and if the morale
office wants the gear. (Tax donation?) At least you know it’ll be
used by the deserving.

As far as selling it, ebay and craigslist are the two classic

A better strategy might be to talk to your grandfather’s friends.
Rockhounds do not exist in a vacuum. They have buddies. Buddies who
might want the gear, or at very least, might know the local lapidary
hobbyists, and know if there are any young ones who would want the
gear. Find the local lapidary club, and see what they can do to
help. Nobody really wants to see stuff end up on ebay, so they may be
able to assist.

Hope this helps,

I have about 2 months to get it sold. I’m currently in Middle GA,
and the equipment is in my mancave (it’s climate controlled). I’ve
recently got in contact with a local club who focuses on jewelry
making. Hoping I have some leads there, but so far nothing. I want to
thank all of you for your help, it has been fantastic!