Question about beryllium

A question: I’ve recently heard of beryllium being added to
sterling and goldalloys to make them dent resistant. The fumes
from this would be considered rather dangerous - its fumes are
considered a carcinogen. Has anyone heard of people doing this?
Thanks. Charles

Charles Lewton-Brain
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I don’t know about the idea of putting it into jewlery, but IMHO
berillium is really toxic. Not only the fumes but the dust, which
produces a destruction of the lungs called berylliosis. Geo.


Beryllium is indeed toxic. It was being added to dental alloys
about 10 years ago but was removed because of the toxicity
problem. Gallium was also added and I think that it too is
toxic. They didn’t remove it because at casting temperatures it
combines with other material in the alloy to become an inert
compound. This is what I was told by the metallurgist at Ney
gold years ago.


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