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Quenching in methelated spirits

What’re the benefits of quenching in denatured alcohol? (aka
methelated spirits, meths)

Dilute it with what?

If there is less oxygen in it maybe there’s a case to be made
for doing the Satsuo Ando method of pouring an ingot (usually
through water) through meths?

Would there be a danger of fire, pouring a larger amount into

Lorri Ferguson

I think attempting to pour molten metal through boiling alcohol
might at least void your home fire insurance policy.

The Satsuo Ando type of oxygen free ingot casting as I learned
it, is through an inch of boiling water. Dangerous enough if you
are trying to pour a six or seven ounces ingot. Alcohol usually
does not explode but it Do burn.

In my opinion: DON’T TRY IT.

Bill in Vista