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Quench in water first

Hi All, I am a hobbyist jeweler. I fabricate simple sterling silver
jewelry with sheet and wire. I have done some chain making and some
filigree work and some wire wrapping. I have cast a few items with
both my centrifugal and vacuum casting set ups. I make cabochons and
spheres. I am now doing some faceting. I do not have a lot of
knowledge to contribute. I just thought I could pass along what I was
taught. I read where a person quenched their silver in water first
then in the pickle. They said it was because hot silver was porous
and absorbed the pickle and then releases fumes when reheated. That
may be true. I am not trying to argue here. I just thought I would
let you know what I was taught. For the safety of your eyes and skin,
you should quench in water first and then clean in the pickle. The
hot silver is more likely to spit and sputter and you could get
splashed with the acid in the pickle. It is not a high concentration
of acid I know but less acid on you in your life time the better in
my opinion. After the pickle bath you should redip it in a water
baking soda solution to neutralize the acid. Just my 2 cents worth.
Thank you for the opportunity to eaves drop and learn some new

John Daly
Grand Junction, CO