Quartzsite Observations

Hi All! Just got back from Quartzsite and thought you might like
to know what is going on there. I had not been there for several
years and would like to comment on the changes. As for when to
go, I would strongly recommend that you plan to attend the
opening of the Tyson Wells early show. ( it began this year on
the seventh of January) The advantages are as follows: 1. Good
selection 2. no traffic jams 3. Ready availability of lodging in
Blythe. Waiting for the Cloud Show to open is redundant…it
actually is in full swing well before the “opening”…this
holds true for The Main Event also. For my money, the Tyson
Wells Show gets a 10. The new management continues to maintain
the tradition of a clean, well organized show without the
huckster contamination that it has suffered from in the past and
without the unyielding attitudes of the previous management. The
Cloud show also has a nice selection of dealers but, the grounds
are still very dusty and rough. This problem may not be relevant
though inasmuch as it is rumoured that the site is soon to
become a highway right of way. The Main Event show is tacky,
dirty and congested. Going ,as I do, to buy cabbing rough ,I was
able to score all that I needed in two days…ran out of room
in my rental car ( of course, I forgot to mention that I
couldn’t pass up some deals on humongous Indonesian wood

I might mention in passing that I picked up one of the Mattel
’scopes at Toys r Us for seventy dollars. I’m going to use it
for cabochon flicks…we’ll see how this application works and
I’ll keep you posted. Ron at Mills Gem Los Osos CA

Ron, I agree. On the 15th I went to Quartzite. It was a most
enjoyable experience. Clouds had an abundance of rough cabbing
material, but I bought the most rock at Tyson Wells. Both sites
were up and running full swing on the 15th. There was not much
facetting material available. This was my first visit prior to
the POW WOW. The show was a lot more like a rock show. All the
dealers I talked with were legitimate. My friend and I both
remarked that the scam was missing. Don’t think that by
arriving a week after the show opened you missed all the good
stuff. Most dealers were still anticipating shipments from home
at the time I visted the show. More good stuff to come. A
returned visit is planned for this weekend. See you there.

Gerry Galarneau

Gerry, I wish I were going to Quartzsite again…it is a six
and a half hour drive for me and , meanwhile, my customers
wonder where the hell I have been ! Every time I go I wish I had
gotten more of a certain good thing or that I had done another
round. On another vein, it occurred to me that since you are
always looking for facet rough to pulverize you might consider
our doing some trading. I have a lot of facet rough whereas my
needs are along the lines of good cabbing rough…I don’t mean
facet rough that is too lousy for faceting, but, rather, high
quality materials which are best utilized as cabs…things
which have character, pattern, color and/or other properties
which make them stand out. Food for thought…Ron at Mills
Gem, Los Osos, CA.