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Quartzsit Arizona

I’ll be attending the Tuscon Gem Shows the first week of Febuary
and I’m thinking about a trip up to Quartzsite , has anyone been
to these shows ? Is it worth the trip? Thanks for any

Eileen - Quartzite is a tailgate party that extends, haphazardly
for miles in all directions. One year I came upon a group of
plains Indian Tee Pees with a group of grizzled trappers and
prospectors. Looking like they stepped out of the 19th century.
Drinking corn-liquor and selling arrow heads, hides and old
calvary antiques. Be prepared to find hundreds of retired
craftspersons selling clam shells with glued on eyes in
soon-t0-be-forgotten sculptural arrangements. Good luck.

Hi - I thought the big Gemarama or whatever they call it at
Quartzite was the end of January. Maybe I’m wrong - I’ll have to
look. I was in Quartzite in November and beleive me - Quartzite
is worth a visit - anytime - especially during the big Gem Pow
Wow. Quartzite itself is another world!!


Note: I was there in November 1993 and I remember there was no
ATM machine in the whole place - they probably have one by now.
Quartzite is pretty quiet most of the year except for that Gem
Pow Wow but it is still worth the visit.

Happily, there is now a truck stop/gas station across the street
from the “main event” which has an atm. I’m sure it sees alot of
use at this time of year.


I was in Quartzite yesterday, and I believe that it is indeed
worthwhile. This the second year that I have gone to the
Quartzite shows. There is definitely a “swap meet” atmosphere,
but there is also opportunity to purchase good cutting rough and
finished stones at very reasonable prices. The "Main Event,"
which is the show I attended Monday, was not as well attended by
dealers as it was during the previous year (didn’t keep me from
walking out cash poor and rock rich, though). I would recommend
either Cloud’s Jamboree or the Quartzite Pow Wow, depending on
which show is running when you get there. A schedule of the
Quartzite shows is published in the February 98 Rock and Gem



I like to go to Quartzite when I go to Tuscon. It is a very
different place. More of an informal flea market atmosphere,
with lots of rough dealers, and miners just in from camp. The
whole outskirts of town are filled, I repeat FILLED, with RV’s,
and there are many flea markets that occur simultaneous to the
rock shows. The others have the range of merch. from tacky
crafts to t-shirts, sunglasses, beef jerky, and general yard
salia. But the rock shows are well worth visiting, and a real
social experience as well. Many of the vendors vehicles are a
real trip…converted school buses with other vehicles welded
on the top, and added porches, and sculptures dangling from
bumpers etc. I wouldn’t miss it!