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High Orchiders: Well it time again to get ready to make the trip to
Quartsire Arizona. I will be at the Greasewood Park & Sell with my
miniature game animals and water fowl. I finally got my website up
and runing and it will be on orchid in the near future. Stop in and
say Hello and chat with me as I will be there from the 16 to the 31
of Jan. I hope to be able to go to Tucson for a couple days and look
the place over and maby next year I can make it to that show. I have
been getting this site for several years and I don’t write very much
and surely enjoy reading all of the email. Last year when I got back
home I had 675 emails on my computer and it took me a couple day to
go through the lot. I have finished my casting so now I have to pack
stuff and go. I made 4 14 K Mt. Lion rings with Aus. Cope Opal in
its mouth . Made 3 buckles and 3 bolo’s out of sterling silver with
a tree bark texture design which came out great. Well Hope to see
some of you folks soon. Yours Billy S. Bates Bill Bates, Owner Royal
Wildlife Miniatures P.O. Box 3151 Torrance, CA 90510 Phone:
310-316-5944 FAX: 310-316-5944 Email: @Billy_S_Bates2