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Quality variables for Ultra Sonic Machines

Hi Folks!

I need a new ultra-sonic cleaning machine, and was wondering what
the quality variables are, and if there are companies which are
particularly reliable in this field. I’m looking for something small
but high quality. Will need 220V, so that’s a consideration too.
Used a transformer on my old one (for many years)—not clear as to
whether that’s unadvisable for this item (e.g., disadvantage for
motorized items, while fine for heating elements). Heating not
imperative, as the solution seems to heat when running for a few
minutes anyway.

Janet in Jerusalem

Janet, I have three Gem Oro ultrasonics and won’t use anything else
they have great transducers.Mine have heaters that all work very
well.They stand by their products.I have used many other ultrasonics
and have had the best results with Gem Oro.

Regards,J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Find a distributor for ELMA machines. We are a warranty repair
service company for ELMA here in the US and they make some of the
better achines on the market. I would suggest that you call them at
49-7731-882232 and speak to either WOFGANG Hoer or Chantal Wongel and
they will be happy to help you with your problem

Mike Fritz
Lone Star Technical Services.
Your ultrasonic repair guys.

The first thing about ultrasonic Cleaners is the Transducer. You can
get machines with these made in China, Taiwan, US and German. As a
package made for small Jewelers the German Elma Machine is one of
the best. You should be able to find someone in Tel Aviv that carries
this in 220 V the Quart size (LC20H) is good for a small store.

The heat switch is good to have you could warm up before you start
the ultrasonic.

Elma makes good transducers , has all stainless tank and case, they
use a quality timer switch. Their warranty service and track record
is good. Well, I think I have covered the whole machine.

Regards Kenneth Singh