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Quality stamping on earrings

If a pair of earrings are large enough, is it ok to quality stamp the back of the earring as opposed to the ear wire? Or, if you have to stamp the post/wire, how do you hold the wire still enough to stamp successfully? Thanks!!

my well-proven method is to “karat stamp” on a little mini-plate. I will then solder that ‘plate’ anywhere, just to be seen!

Gerry, on my iPhone

Thanks @gerrylewy18 that’s a good idea.

Steel Stamps and others make and sell an ear wire specific marking stamp and plier combination. Be ready to spend some money.

why spend loads of money if you can do it cheaply yourself?
as I wrote, just stamp your little plate and solder that plate, anywhere you want!

Gerry, on my iPhone

Thanks, especially for the vendor name.