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Quality of Lucite disk cutter


I am looking to purchase a disk cutter. I am looking for a good
price, but also want good quality. One item I found on Ebay has a
lucite top, which makes it easy to position the metal sheet. I am
wondering though how well this will hold up. Does anybody have
experience with this tool? Sorry, I could not find out who makes
this tool.




I have a couple of circle cutters I like:

The Japanese “NT Circle Cutter” which is nice for small sizes,
cleverly includes a rubber ring around the centerpoint, so you can
withdraw and hide the centerpoint, don’t need to prick a hole in
every disk you cut. This uses individual segments of snap-off knife
blades. For larger sizes, the “OLFA Circle Cutter 90B” is so
sturdy, has an accurately calibrated radius arm, takes complete
snap-off blade arrays. But it doesn’t have the clever little rubber
ring to grip the center on your stock without marring. There are
lots shown at

Mark Bingham


Sounds like the one I bought at Harbor Freight. Great price but only
OK quality. Not great but not too bad either.


Harbor Freght makes a disk cutter with a lucite top. I have one, but
have not used it yet. It is very inexensive as far as disk cutters
go. Check the Harbor Freight web site before purchasing from ebay so
that you do not over pay.

I liked the idea of the lucite top because you can visualize the
your positioning of the sheet.

Linda Lankford