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Quake in Seattle area

Hi Orchidians:

By now you have heard there was a 6.5 richter-scale earthquake in the
Seattle, Washington area. Some of our members are in that area,
including our much respected Peter Rowe and Tim Dooley. If you
gentlemen, and any other of our members affected by this calamity
would be so kind, when you have the time, post for us and let us know
that you are OK. I hope you have faired well, and I’m sorry for your
difficulties if you have been adversely impacted by the quake.
Please help put our minds at ease and say hello, and by all means, if
there is anything we can do to help, I’m sure we will be eager to do
so. Best of luck.

David L. Huffman

Clarence Jenkins, owner and jeweler at Fast-Fix Jewelry Repairs®
located at the North Entrance of Southcenter Mall which is South of
Seattle and a few miles east of the SeaTac International Airport
reports that his store faired very well. A set of tools slid off a
safe and one collection fell over, but nothing broke. Other mall
store owners suffered more loss as merchandise fell and broke.

The mall shut down immediately after the quake until 12 noon on
Thursday as it had lost power and phones. Two anchor stores suffered
damage - The Bon and Sears and several smaller stores are still shut
down due to structural damage.

It was strange to see the parking lots emptied mid-day and safety
tape and security at all the major entrances.

We praise God for his goodness. It could have been so much worse.

Thanks for asking.

Best regards,
Elizabeth Paulsen