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Greetings all. I have an old Rey Programmed Therminder that I use for
my burnout oven. It was originally sold by Swest Inc. I need a new
pyrometer for it. Is a suitable replacement available? What is
recommended? The old stock number was 160-899. I am planning to
replace the whole unit later next spring with a new programmable
control unit.


Bill, When Stuller bought Swest, they closed the Swest factory
service center for the Rey Programmed Therminder. We acquired the
remaining factory parts, schematics, test sets and calibration
procedures. Swest then forwarded the repairs to us. Swest is now
gone but we still service the Rey Programmed Therminder.

If all you need is a new thermocouple (the temperature sensor), this
machine will work with any “Type K” thermocouple. Type K is common
and is also known as type C/A.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this equipment.

John Cranor
The Jewelry Equipment Dr.
719 - 527 - 1531