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Pusher handles!

Hi everyone!
After writing an essay just on one very important topic, it’s finished!
The topic is simply “what pusher to use, when, how to make them”. This latest essay took 15 edits & 26 photo’s in 10 days of writing!
I’m sure everyone has run into the problem of selecting the correct metal pusher!
In this 1,545 word essay, I feel that there will be ‘some’ worthwhile information for you to read. Just go to =>
I’m Gerry, On my iPhone!

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Thank you Gerry!!

Hi David and all!

Glad to be helping as many people as I can.:wink:

I must write in a manner that many readers are from so many countries. I must continually “write down to their level of understanding”.

Not everyone are well versed in English!

Why I take so long in writing, is because I make darn sure I don’t miss any steps in how to do the preparation & uses.

I don’t leave the reader just reading the text. Photography of ‘those steps’ are also so very important in my blog-writing.

I try to avoid university-styled instructions!

BTW, even this email was edited 6-7 times.
I’m Gerry, On my iPhone!

Thank you Gerry …



Thank you Carlos

It’s nice you sent me your letter. I’m keeping quite busy writing & taking photo’s for the next group of essays. Literally every day I’m preparing more facts from my ‘archives’.

The next (humongous) essay is on “Star Setting” as this process is very ‘graver oriented’. This design/pattern is a 9 out 10 on the “Difficulty Scale”.

If anyone have any ideas on what the next topic should be, just write to me!
I’m Gerry, On my iPhone!