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Purple sapphires

Do any of you Orchidians know of a source for purple or lavender
sapphires? I would appreciate hearing from you if you do.


Joel Schwalb

Hi Joel,

Try US Jem, 800-932-5038.

They deal mostly in sapphire & can probably help you out.

No connection, just a satisfied customer.



I purchased sapphires from Deepal Weerasinghe and his wife, Bethany
Hopkins-Weerasinghe of International Gem Merchants. Though they were
yellow and blue I saw plenty of fancy colors including color change
sapphires (by the way the stones are natural too). They spend Dec
thru Mar in Sri Lanka and come back with some gorgeous stones.
Unfortunately I don’t think they don’t travel outside the New England
area. I moved to NC in September of 98 and haven’t seen their
collection of stones since, but I am sure it is still as varied and
beautiful as ever. Their number is 401.568.2073.

Larry Seiger

Try They do not usually sell stones by color but
their Songea sapphire has lots of purples and blue/green and blue as
well as a lot of color change. I enjoy buying from Ross and have no
complaints. He will also cut for you.


Joel: I happen to love lavender sapphires, so I’ve developed some very
good sources. If you can’t find what you need, email me and i’ll
supply you with a few good sources. Let me know what sizes you’re
looking for, and what color purple ( Saw one this week that looked
like a med-deep amethyst and one that looked tanzanite-blue).

Doug Zaruba