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Purify small quantities of gold

Hello, I look for a simple method for affiner (to purify) gold, in
small quantity, 50 to 100 gr. Thank-you of your response.

Jean Claude Sulka

Hello jean Claude,

A simple way and very good way to purify scrap gold and even solder.
is to use Aurapurax. Mix this stuff approx 1:1 with the gold. Melt and
mix until all rubbish and wrong metal additive have solved. Stir with a
graphite stick. It works great. You get a smooth workable alloy back.

Martin Niemeijer

Hello Martin,

I recall a product sold here in Germany “auropurifax”.I wonder if
this is the same stuff we are talking about or is this something
else. the reason why is because this white powder is added to the melt
in other quantities.The melted gold just get “dusted” with this
powder instead of mixing it with the alloy in ratio of 1:1. I would
like to hear where you get your stuff from?It’s quit expensive here
in Germany (250 DM,equals 113,-US$ /kilo).

Regards Pedro

Hello Jean Claude,

Excuse me because I reffer most of the time to the people of Rio
Grande,but these are the people who I know about. However,here in
Germany,one chould buy a product called “Auropurifax” which is used
in an other rate.In the catalog of Rio they have a product called
"magic cast alloy" which does about the same as the earlier mentioned
(European !!) powder.It’s sold in casting grain’s and a jar of 2 oz
(35.75 US$)can purify 800dwt of srap gold. I wonder if someone could
come up with a recipe for this purifying alloy or powder anyway ?

Regards Pedro

Hello Pedro,

You are right, I first miss spelled the name auropurifax, Yes it is
what you call the expensive stuff here in the Netherlands, But what
is expensive, I use this stuff only 1:1 if the gold is really dirty,
or contains 50% solder or is contaminated filling. And using it 1:1 it
cost only 0.3 guilders(0.25 DM , 0.113 US$) per gram that should not
be expensive when you get new gold back? I buy old broken sjit 14K
gold for 8-10 guilders per gram. And new 14K gold still cost me 23,-
to 28 guilder per gram. So refining is my first profit. But if you are
using only a snuff of Auropurifax,than u are using this stuff as a
deoxidiser on the surface dirt of the melt and not as wrong alloy

Martin Niemeijer.

Hi, the first I need to know is what others metals have the alloy you
want to refine? or what others products like residual of polishing
processot others? regards adriana beniscelli from Santiago de Chile